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Hire The Other Team! 

All of our services are provided on an accessibly priced, sliding scale basis with flexible payment schedules in order to make our work available and beneficial to emerging artists. 

We work hard to provide value-aligned services that not only consider what we are able to offer within our skillset, but what we are able to offer through our commitments to solidarity with musicians and making the arts more accessible and sustainable. 

A lot of unpaid labour is involved within The Other Team, largely due to the fact that we do not see it as ethical or beneficial to particular projects or series to make money from them. Hiring us to provide you and/or your band direct services, allows us to build a more financially stable collective which in turn enables us to increase the hours put into our unpaid work. Thereby, hire us and commit to your local music community!

Social Media Assistance/Management

As a musician, you should be able to focus on your music and the related pieces that matter to you most rather than feeling the stress and pressure of social media and fulfilling constantly changing algorithm desires. Allow us to work on your online presence so you can focus on what matters! 

Providing content calendar creation, reel creation, copy for posts, post scheduling, promotion, live communications, comment moderation, and more to suit your needs, growth, and goals. 

  • Sliding scale pricing 

  • Free initial survey and 15 minute consultation

  • Services tailored to suit your budget

  • Promotion and sales support available, see Merch Fulfillment


Merch Creation/Printing

Are you looking for a more ethical and sustainable way to produce your merch that still works with your budget? We would love to extend our silkscreening experience to you! 

Printing patches, totes, posters, cards, clothing, and more! Send us an inquiry regarding design, size, format, and amount. 

  • $25/hr + materials costs

  • Materials can be new or thrifted

  • Further support available, see Merch Fulfillment


Merch Fulfillment

We understand that merch sales are now a large component of musicians income and therefore a significant piece of creating a sustainable career/practice. With that in mind, we are excited to offer a range of fulfillment services that extend your reach and provide more income opportunities without having to take on any additional work yourself!

Offering online market space, storage, packaging, shipping, local pick-up/drop-off, and more to suit your needs. 

  • Sliding scale pricing

  • Services tailored to suit your budget

  • Free set up in our online store which provides you with 100% of proceeds

  • Promotional support is available, see Social Media Assistance/Management

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Let's Work Together

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