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Music Making Menaces

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Music Making Menaces works with 2SLGBTQ+ youth in transitional housing - providing instruments, lessons, and workshops as they fit their needs/interests. 

As we believe music has been and continues to be an important part of queer joy and liberation, the title pays homage to the lavender and transexual menaces who came before us and reclaimed the terminology through their words and their work.

Title art by Hana Shafi

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Too Queer For A Career

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Join our host Maud Mostly and their medley of incredible guests for our monthly podcast series diving into various aspects of the music industry!

From bookers to merch designers, photographers to labels, we are here to share in their passion for the work and explore the ways it may differ from industry standards through community-based approaches!

Cover art by Hana Shafi

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With a logo inspired by blackout poetry, Top to Bottom is a deep dive into recently released music from local artists.

Selecting one of their songs, we listen alongside the musician/lyricist and take breaks to hear about their writing process, production, lyrical themes, inspiration, and more!

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Bringing a medley of genres together, Fruit Salad is a compilation album released November 5, 2021, highlighting music from queer artists based in or from 'toronto/GTA region.' Fruit Salad invites you to discover, listen to, and celebrate the local scene while raising funds for The Peoples Pantry, a grassroots community initiative.

Cover art by Saul Freedman-Lawson


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Tunes Tuesday is a weekly interview series hosted by Maud Mostly that speaks about music and matters with the queer artists you love!

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A monthly e-magazine that compiles collages, interviews, playlists, and more while often giving sneak peeks at what the future holds for The Other Team. 


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