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Vulnerable and Valued - Community Towel Review

Previously known for their bass and vocal work in Florida based post-hardcore band GILT, Nico Baci now explores indie and dream-pop solo under the name Community Towel.

In 2019, Community Towel released their single, I’m Tired all the Time which lives up to its dream-pop genre making you feel as though your friend is sleepily whispering secrets at a nearly forgotten sleepover.

Through Community Towel, Baci brings forth their struggles with mental and physical health while exploring intersections of their identity. I’m Tired all the Time showcases some of those struggles in a way that empathizes with common insecurities. While avoiding cliches, this single wistfully reminds us that we are never alone.

From its cleverly layered instrumental backing to soft harmonies, I’m Tired all the Time holds you in a space where you can be vulnerable and valued.

Moving forward into 2021, Community Towel brings forth a more upbeat pop sound with their single Run And Hide but they continue to bring difficult experiences and feelings to the forefront. From how one's mental health can impact their perception to the impact it may have on our relationships and bonds, Run And Hide does not flee from hard truths.

Run And Hide is a shift away from I’m Tired all the Time, but whichever direction Community Towel may go it will be exciting to follow their journey.

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