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The Beauty in Falling Out of Love - A Review of The Weak Days New EP

Released October 30, 2020, The Weak Days new EP, The Fabric of Our Lives, takes a soft acoustic tone to tell the story of a bard and a botanist falling out of love and confronting the end of their marriage. Through conversational lyrics and smooth transitions they pull you into the story thereby forcing you to face the ways you’ve experienced loss in your own life or have grieved what never was.

The EP starts out with No One Can Live Forever, a beautiful duet that immediately immerses you in the tale. The narrative unfolds in front of you as you bear witness to an intimate argument. Interrupting the song is knocking on the door that makes you feel as though you’re in the same room serving as a spectator to this vulnerable moment.

Notably, The Seams occurs part way through the EP and features Jessica Knight who plays The Seamstress. Through her character we pick up more dimensions within the narrative, as we’re being given the opportunity to hear from other sides. It is followed by an intermission, Intermissing, that makes you sink into a void. Slipping into a space between the characters where their connection can no longer be found.

At The End of It All closes the EP with notes of coping and hope. A timely ode to how music can be used as a tool to get through difficult times.

Listen to the EP:



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