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Sorry That I'm Like This - A review of Kat and the Hurricane's newest single

Released November 13, 2020, Sorry That I’m Like This is synth rock band Kat and The Hurricanes newest hit. Combining self-pitying lyrics with an upbeat sound and powerful group vocals it has you feeling as though you’re walking through a neon lit party that you don’t belong at.

The darker lyrics form a narrative on how our self-destructive tendencies and negative self-perceptions can ruin relationships with the people we care for. Bringing in lyrics like “self-medication gets old,” I make it hard to stay,” and “I couldn’t help but be myself” highlights this narrative, and makes you question how you, yourself, have pushed away positive change in the past.

Check out Sorry That I’m Like this at any of the links below:



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And don’t miss out on my Tunes Tuesday interview with the band:

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