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Punchy and Powerful - Review of Clean, Two Last Names

Released June 23rd, 2021, Clean is Australian (on Gunaikurnai land) punk band Two Last Name's most recent single. Written by and from the perspective of a survivor, Clean will make you smile, cry, jump, and yell as she uncovers her feelings and journey to healing.

Traumatic experiences are not easy to pack into punchy singalong songs, but Clean has you clicking you repeat for the catharsis of yelling along to the chorus just one more time. The drums make it difficult to not dance and even when the song tones down to highlight the weight of feeling as though you can’t tell those close to you about what happened, you are left feeling seen rather than heartbroken.

Clean is a fun and powerful reminder that survivors can be angry and there is not a one size fits all path forward. We can shout and scream and cry and yell and thrash and heal.

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