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Head in the Nicotine Clouds - A Review of Like Oh by Oscar Louis

Released on December 4th, Like Oh is Oscar Louis’s most recent release. This single shares his own experiences of quitting and returning to smoking. It brings forth a realistic narrative for many, yet is anything but a drag. Like Oh pulls you in with lo-fi beats and enchanting harmonies that have you feeling like your drifting off on a couch, eyes closed, in a cloud of smoke. A short rap verse half way through creatively explains how to “bum” cigarettes which adds to the narrative. Through it we witness the deeper story of someone whose gone through this many times, and doesn’t want to give in by buying a whole pack, but isn’t ready to give the habit up. Like Oh reminds you that glorification and demonization are not binaries, as you sink into the grey area between.

Listen to Like Oh:


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And don't miss out on my interview with the artist, Oscar Louis on Queer Fear and Montreals Music Scene:

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