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Chez Right Here - A Livestream Review

Chez Right Here hosted by Ottawa singer-songwriter Kimberly Sunstrum is just what you need on yet another night in. Providing a comfortable mix of covers, originals, and casual conversation she warms up your home and invites you to sing along. Livestreaming most recently on Sunday evening January 31, Sunstrum opened with a conversation on how circumstances may have hardly changed but the current lockdown is hitting harder. This becomes a theme throughout the livestream that opens you up to a sense of vulnerability that will connect you not only to Sunstrums performance but also with the other viewers who are out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. Tearfully, you are filled with a sense of community that fills your home with the perception of others. As if a thread is connecting you all, and rhythmically swaying you to the music with each side to side happening as one. If you haven’t found your way to a livestream yet, you need to. Currently, You may only see livestreams as a stage where musicians can continue to perform, and quite frankly get paid, but they are also a place where you can open up your home to strangers and gift yourself with an event that will have you enthusiastically rearranging your schedule.

Make sure to follow them on social media to stay up to date, and see that you’re not missing out on the next Chez Right Here:



And if you have yet to watch it, don’t miss out on her Tunes Tuesday interview where we discuss performing online and much more:

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