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Bringing The Noise For Trans Folks - Snipfest 2021

Presented by Florida post-hardcore band GILT and non-profit STArt Now, the annual festival, Snipfest, was brought online this year on February 6, 2021. Through SocialDistanceParty on Twitch, performers of all genres streamed from across the states to bring the party and raise over 3000 dollars for trans people.

This year, for its 3rd iteration, Snipfest was fundraising for legal name changes in the US. Many trans people seek out legal name changes for reasons related to gender dysphoria, but also sometimes due to safety or just not feeling connected to their birth name/deadname. Legally changing one's name in the US can range from 150 to 400 dollars though, so it is desired but inaccessible to many. The presenters and artists of Snipfest want to change that, and through the money donated they will be able to monetarily support almost ten individuals through this process!

Throughout the night artists played new and old originals, took their time to share why the fundraiser was important to them, and spread kindness and understanding. This formed a bond between the artists and viewers throughout the night that was not only rooted in the ways we are collectively struggling right now, but also acknowledging how that struggle may be grimmer for queer folks.

Bringing joy, talent, and care to Snipfest this year was the incredible line up of artists you can check out below:


Mint Green

Hit Like A Girl

BeBe Deluxe

Skatune Network


Similar Kind

Micheal Cera Palin


Palomino Blond

Sammy Heck

Teenage Halloween

Make sure to follow the artists involved to be notified of their future events, and you can even check out artists like Skatune Network, Mint Green, BeBe Deluxe, Hit Like a Girl, and GILT on their respective Tunes Tuesdays!

Thank you to all the musicians who not only continue to bring us good times on lonely nights but also give their time and talent to support other's livelihoods.

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