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A Message to my Future Self - A Review of JER's New Single

Have you ever been stuck in that difficult place where you’re not making the decisions others think you’re supposed to make, and no ones supporting you because you don’t have a clear plan of how any of this is supposed to turn out? Released December 11, 2020 with Bad Time Records the new JER single A Message to my Future Self combines catchy guitar riffs with uplifting ska tones to share that we need to extend kindness and care to ourselves in those moments. Their single celebrates not only how far you’ve come, but how the unpredictable future is going to be okay even if you’re current dreams don’t seem rooted in reality. A Message to my Future Self will be stuck in your head for days to come, as an ear worm reminding you of your value and worth.

Listen to A Message to my Future Self:



And watch their Tunes Tuesday interview here:

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